Sunday, November 10, 2013

Where Are We Now?

The most frequently asked question so far has been "Where are you heading?"

Since the answer to that questions changes so frequently,  I thought it might be helpful to have a dynamic way to answer that question.  Today I worked on a Google Map that includes where we've been and sometimes where we might be headed next.

The little push pin icons represent where we MIGHT head next.
Yellow push pins for a quick overnight
Green push pins for a possible stay

As far as where we've been, you'll find
Green tents for places we've stayed at
Yellow house icons indicates that our lodging was in a building, instead of the bus
Red bed icon for a quick overnight stop.

If you click on the icon,  you'll find a few quick notes that might describe our stay.  And perhaps a link to a longer blogpost.

View TechSavvy KNOWmads in a larger map

Our first night out of Vermont was my first time camping out in a Truck Stop.  It was more spacious than many campsites we've been at and also home of a great diner.  The Filling Station Diner is a classic "princess style' diner that included a jukebox, milkshakes and home-made comfort food.  My $10 turkey dinner gave me plenty to eat for two nights.  This was the first time I've spent time really thinking about truckers and their lives.  The sounds of trucker conversations in the diner and the engines running all night to keep them warm had me wondering about what lives of truckers were really like.  Didn't take long to add Salena's  Daily Rant and Truckin Ed's blog to my RSS feed. NPR's Talk of the Nation's story "The Hidden Lives of Long Haul Truckers" also shed some light on the lives of of over 3.5 million of my fellow men/women.

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