Saturday, October 16, 2021

Reunited in Palm Springs

While Craig and BELLA  have been hanging out in Arizona, I've been going back and forth between Mallet's Bay Campground in Colchester, Vermont  and my place in Newport Vermont. I finally closed up camp and headed to Brooklyn to spend some time with my two youngest grandchildren and their parents. 

After a week in Brooklyn filled with precious time playing with grandkids, I got on a JetBlue plane towards Palm Springs, California

Today I reconnected with BELLA and Craig and  enjoyed walking around  Sam's Family Spa - our campground for the month. It's filled with palm trees  irrigated by the  water from  the 4 hot springs.  

Even the cell towers look like palm trees in our campground. 

On my first day back we  drove into Palm Springs to do a little shoe shopping and stopped for a Date Shake at the famous Windmill Market. 

.  Palm Springs is filled with statues and stories of Hollywood stars.  

 I had no idea what clothes I had packed in BELLA before Craig left, but there definitely were some gaps. I bought two pairs of sandals and a few other things from some some of the  Palm Springs  boutiques.

Heading off to enjoy one of my favorite things about Sam's Family Spa
the four naturally heated mineral pools 

Father and Son Roadtrip

 Bella finally hit the road again in August 2021.  Craig's dad - Bryce Lyndes flew to Vermont with his daughter, Joy to spend a few weeks in at their family camp in  Marshfield Vermont.  Craig pulled BELLA out of hibernation and joined them.  

After two weeks in Marshfield, Vermont - Craig and his 89 year old dad - embarked on a cross country Father and Son journey and drove BELLA  from Vermont to  Arizona

Craig spent the next 6 weeks in Arizona - where he hung out near his Dad's place in Cottonwood. 
 I stayed back in Vermont, with plans to join him mid October. 

Friday, October 15, 2021

The pandemic pause

 I find it hard to believe I have not written since the beginning of the pandemic. 

The pandemic put a lot of things 'on hold" including our travel.

We did make it back to Vermont in June of 2020.  Traveled straight through from West Coast to the East coast with a brief stay in Colorado to say hi to family. 

We navigated the pandemic pause with care and as Fall approached, we decided to stay put in Vermont.  Vermont was doing quite well with  Covid mitigation.  We felt safe here and decided to avoid the uncertainty that our usual travel to the Southwest would bring.  Coincidentally the tenants that had lived in my Newport (Vermont) home for 10 years gave their notice after getting accepted to senior housing.  

We moved into that apartment, parked BELLA in the driveway and put a pause to our Life on the Road. 

BELLA spent the winter covered with snow.
The pandemic pause brought lots of introspection  -- too much to share here. 

But we felt safe in a cozy 4 room apartment on the first floor of a property I still own in Newport Vermont. 


Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Change is in the Air

 March 2020 will be forever remembered as the beginning of the Coronavirus Pandemic -  or at least the year that things got real.   

Craig and I decided to celebrate our 10th anniversary by booking a month at Paradise by the Sea RV Resort - an ocean side campground in Oceanside, California.  It was more expensive than our usual month long stays in a campground - but we decided to indulge as an anniversary treat.

Although the sites were pretty close together, 
there were some nice perks to being 
right across the street from the ocean.

with a small pool and hot tub.

In the morning we'd walk across the street to have 
coffee on the beaach.

Lots of great energy all around.

And family, too! 
Our nephew Shayne paid us a visit soon after
he arrived from a year long travel adventure in Mexico.

Soon talk of the Coronavirus started to escalate.

Shelves at the grocery store started to empty out.

But NOT all shelves were bare. 

After a long search for toilet paper all around town, 
we found some in the camp store - Go figure! 

We even ordered some from Amazon.


New signs started to appear on buildings around town

as restaurants shifted to TAKE OUT or CURBSIDE only.

Playgrounds started to close.

My grandson, Julian, had his first birthday party over Zoom. 

Thankfully, we continued to enjoy 
amazing sunsets each night

We walked along the beach each day.

and enjoyed watching others take joy along the oceanside.

More and more beaches were closed.

However, the  Oceanside beach remained open as long as 
people only used them for walking.

The beach patrol did their best to 
encourage folks to do their part
to keep folks from setting up chairs.

We continued to enjoy our walks on the beach.