Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Family Time En Route

Croton Point Park - Croton-On-Hudson, NY

We had heard  that  Croton Point Park was a great place to park for those who wanted easy access to New York City.  We were not disappointed.  The three days we spent there felt like a big family reunion. Our bus was greeted by another Wanderlodge - (a slightly newer sibling - 1987 Bluebird) whose owner was the park host.  Not only could we see a glimpse of  the Hudson river from our kitchen,  but walking down to the point offered us a beautiful  view of the sun setting over the river. 

On Sunday my twin boys (Adam and Matthew)  and their ladies (Giuliana and Sarah)   drove up from Brooklyn for  Mom's famous meatloaf and a rich  Quebecois dessert - La Pouding au Chomeur. (sort of a Maple upside down cake) .  But the real treat is that we offered them the "couch"  and the "table that turns into a bed" for lodging if they wanted to spend the night and they said "YES!".  We've never had 6 people overnight in the bus before.  Needless to say it was cozy.   

Anyone who has spent anytime with these 4 accomplished  musicians  will not be surpassed that this turned into a night of real family fun.  Once they discovered that the doorbell of the bus that 160 ringtones,  the evening turned into a fun round of "Name that Tune" with the doorbell and a boys vs girls round of "Taboo"  interspersed with song and laughter.  Note to anyone:  don't ever let "twins"  be on the same team in Taboo -- all they have to do is smile and wink at each other to guess the correct word.  We now know the names of each of our doorbell tones! ;)  

After breakfast at the Croton Diner, the kids drove back to Brooklyn, and Craig and I put in a few hours work, when we were treated to a FACETIME call from my two grandchildren Simon (8) and Cedar (2).  Simon was excited to tell me  about all the snow they got last night and the ski club he wants to join.  Cedar looked a little puzzled  at first then cracked a smile. Wondering if he taught , Grandma was trapped in the computer. Seeing  my  oldest son (Ryan) and his lady (Sarah) waving  in the background warmed my heart.  

A few hours later, we took Metro North into NYC and met up Craig's daughter and son in law (Maggie and Peter) for soup filled dumplings at Joe Shanghais in Chinatown. Incredible to touch base with so much family - only a week into our trip.  If your kids don't come home enough, just take your home to them (or close enough--which the campground at Croton Point proved to be).

I would definitely recommend this campground for anyone who wants to add a little bit of New York City without driving in city traffic.  We chose to take the train in ($9 parking at the train station) and $16 round trip ticket.  After a packed day filled with family fun, it was great to kick back and let the train bring us back from Grand Central Station to the Croton-on-Hudson for our last night in the Northeast.  

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