Monday, February 8, 2016

Thanksgiving with Warren and Allison

This is another "catch up" post that I'm writing in February while camping on Coronado Island in Southern California.

11/22/15 - Broomfield CO
We arrived at Warren and Allison's house while a neighbor of theirs was having a football party and the street was full of parked cars.  I drove up the block and parked temporarily as we checked out Warren and Allison's new (and first) house.

Once the neighbor's guests left I was able to park the RV on the road in front of the house.  Warren and I got an extension cord run from the house to the RV which set us up to stay happily parked at Allison and Warren's campground for the week.

In the days leading up to Thanksgiving we enjoyed sharing Allison and Warren's daily routine.  Warren would go off to work in the morning and Allison would work at her home based millinery business while Lucie and I would work from the RV.  In the afternoons we would often go into Boulder, where Warren and Allison had lived until they bought this house in Broomfield.  They would show us their old haunts, often ending with a great meal at one of the many interesting restaurants.
As Thanksgiving approached we stocked up on the supplies we would use for the feast.  This part of Colorado is a great place to enjoy craft beers, which we did with visits to local breweries and a local super store for adult beverages.


As our stay continued through the last week in November the temperatures dropped.  Snow fell and as Thanksgiving approached and the thermometer dropped below freezing and stayed there.  This turned into the longest stretch we had stayed in the RV in this kind of weather.  We survived pretty well, putting a sleeping bag on the bed and on several occasions setting a small heater blowing into the spaces where the pipes ran to thaw them out.

 Thanksgiving was spent cooking and preparing the house for the two young couples who would join Warren and Allison and us for a wonderful Thanksgiving feast.

After dinner Warren hosted a Single Malt Scotch tasting, sharing his collection and explaining the merits of each bottle.

The weather remained below freezing.

The long weekend after Thanksgiving was spent hanging out at home, touring this beautiful part of Colorado, a little shopping and antiquing.

We had Thanksgiving leftovers and opportunities to enjoy Allison's excellent home cooking.

The Monday after Thanksgiving Lucie, Allison and I took a field trip to Sparkfun, which is located in  Bolder.  

Then we all geeked out with Allison's imaginative creations and hats, adding LEDs and microprocessors.

The temperature remained below freezing with snow falling regularly.  Finally on Tuesday December 1, we loaded the car behind the RV and headed south in search of warmer weather.

I so enjoyed our time with Allison and Warren, I felt like I had gotten to share their life for a short time.  It is wonderful when your kids are grown up, independent and doing well.  

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