Friday, February 28, 2014

Exploring Key West

We start this post over a month ago from the point furthest south in the US, Key West Florida.

Lucie and I took a trip in our car, leaving Lake Worth one morning and returning the next evening.  The drive to Key West is beautiful and amazing.  The bridges linking the Keys. the clear blue water, the exotic villages each on their own island all join together to make an area that is unique in this country of ours.

We stayed at a renovated cigar factory right in the old part of Key West.  We parked the car and walked until we left the next day (except for being called back from the beach to move the car so another guest could get out).


While we were there we met up with Eric and Jeannette Udel, who we met at Cedar Key.  They have a house on Big Pine Key and call the Keys their home.

We watched the sun set over the radar station that keeps an eye on the Cubans then went out to dinner with Eric and Jeannette.

We walked down Duval St at the end of the evening, returning to our room, enjoying the "Margarita-ville" atmosphere.  Everyone was on vacation and partying.

The next day we toured art galleries and  health food stores. 

Then we drove back to the RV in Lake Worth, checking out RV Parks in the Keys while day dreaming of warmth and sunshine all winter.

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