Sunday, February 16, 2014

Wildlife in Florida

As we are leaving our winter haven I am remembering of all the exotic wildlife we have seen.  This post is dedicated to the tropical environment and creatures that keep reminding us that we're not in New England any more!

This dolphin was getting its dinner in Cedar Key.

Pelicans - Silly birds, but fun to watch.

Egrets and Cypress Knees at Manatee Springs.

A Cedar key sunset (and a bird!).

Tropical flowers at Sunset Isle RV Park.

A bird at John Prince Park in Lake Worth.

Spanish Moss at Moss Park in Orlando.


Cranes in the park.

 The white sand at Grayton Beach.

More Grayton Beach.

As I am writing this we are camped in New Orleans LA.  Here it is spring, we are no longer in the tropics.  Looking back I appreciate the warmth and beauty we lived in during our stay in Florida.

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