Friday, October 15, 2021

The pandemic pause

 I find it hard to believe I have not written since the beginning of the pandemic. 

The pandemic put a lot of things 'on hold" including our travel.

We did make it back to Vermont in June of 2020.  Traveled straight through from West Coast to the East coast with a brief stay in Colorado to say hi to family. 

We navigated the pandemic pause with care and as Fall approached, we decided to stay put in Vermont.  Vermont was doing quite well with  Covid mitigation.  We felt safe here and decided to avoid the uncertainty that our usual travel to the Southwest would bring.  Coincidentally the tenants that had lived in my Newport (Vermont) home for 10 years gave their notice after getting accepted to senior housing.  

We moved into that apartment, parked BELLA in the driveway and put a pause to our Life on the Road. 

BELLA spent the winter covered with snow.
The pandemic pause brought lots of introspection  -- too much to share here. 

But we felt safe in a cozy 4 room apartment on the first floor of a property I still own in Newport Vermont. 


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