Friday, January 15, 2016

Boondocking in the Desert Day 7

Today Craig and I went our separate ways for a good part of the day.  He joined the gang that was going off road again, and I opted to stay behind and enjoy some LUCIE time.   I LOVE  being with my amazing husband, but I have to admit that I have missed having some Lucie time.  And even when I do things like fly back home and leave him behind - he's the only one that gets alone time, since mine is spent connecting with family and friends.   

I used my 'me' time to sort through my closets and cubbies and unpack my suitcase from my last trip to Vermont.  I found that so much easier to do without Craig around since it mean pulling things our, sorting through stuff - touching my stuff - and then putting everything away in a more organized fashion.  I find that process very therapeutic - especially doing it alone (with nobody else watching). 

Eventually I felt organized enough to join a group who were being leisurely around the firepit. And I think I even relaxed some. 

Meanwhile the off-road crew had quite the adventure. One of the vehicles got stuck on a rock and everybody got to work together towards a solution that get the Jeep off the rock.

Turns out that Eric had a marshmallow type of tool that could be inflated beneath the car to lift it up far enough to build a rock ramp beneath the wheels.  This sounds like the perfect engineering challenge for Craig to be part of - providing him with some good quality CRAIG time!

And of course he came back with some great pics of the desert.

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