Friday, July 31, 2015

Back in Vermont ~ Growing Season

Photo Credit  ( © Joanne deLaBruere)
We've come to the conclusion that our time back in Vermont (April to November) is not conducive to updating the blog.

Craig moves back into a 40 hour a week job onsite at St. Albans City School (as opposed to the part-time work he does for them while we are on the road).

Lucie moves into her busy professional development season where she designs and deploys several summer institutes.  This year this included my third annual Create Make Learn Summer Institute and  two Google Tools For School Summer Institutes.

Photo Credit © Joanne deLaBruere
Any time not working on those two projects is pretty much allocated to grandkids and family.  Our limited time in Vermont has come to feel like our 'growing season' in that it is limited time to PLANT, GROW, and HARVEST  the sustenance we need for the rest of the year.   And just like my relatives who farmed needed to prioritize in ways that took advantage of Vermont's limited growing season,  I have come to realize that we too need to prioritize our Vermont time in a way that puts blogging on hold until the bus is traveling out of Vermont ( November - April).

See you in the late Fall!

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