Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A month in the Florida Sun

The trip to John Prince Park Campground in Lake Worth went smoothly, something I am always grateful for when driving our 30+ year old RV.  Our site was in the same part of the park as we were in last year.

I quickly settled into a routine of working for St Albans City School, walking the many paths around John Prince Park and re-familiarizing myself with the Lake Worth area.  I visited with Lucie's Aunt Helena and Uncle John who have a winter home in Lake Worth.  The weather was summer warm, in the 80s most days, unusual for Christmas which I celebrated by going to the movies and watching the newest Hobbit film.

On New Years Eve Lucie flew back from Vermont and we went to West Palm Beach's City Place to celebrate.  See her blog post for a description of the exciting things she did while in Vermont.

On New Years Day we went to Lucie's Uncle John's place for a traditional French Canadian New Years celebration.  Several of Lucie's Aunts were there along with some other relatives and friends of John and Helena.

Over the next few days Lucie and I settled in, walking through the park, enjoying the abundance of fresh Florida produce and exploring the old part of Lake Worth by the beach.

 We went to dinner in "Downtown" Lake Worth and explored some art galleries where we saw an interesting kinetic sculpture that used an arduino processor for control.

We visited a maker space, Hack Lab NOBO, in the next town over, Boynton Beach.  There we met some neat people who were enthusiastically supporting each other with many creative projects.

We returned to the Hack Lab for an open workshop night and were delighted to watch a father coaching his two young daughters as they made their own arduino controlled robot. 

At the Hack Lab we heard about a Makers gathering in Fort Lauderdale at the Museum of Science and Discovery that weekend.  We drove down, hung out with the Makers, getting a feel for what was going on in Southern Florida and toured the museum.  Later we had dinner at a sidewalk cafe, enjoying all the activity and energy there.

There were walks on the beach and walks in the park.

Finally, a few days before we were scheduled to leave Lucie's Father and Step Mother Christine moved down from Vermont to their winter place.  On our final day in Lake Worth we all went to the South Florida Fair.

Then it was time to leave.  We had a commitment to go to FETC, the Florida Educational Technology Conference where Lucie was presenting.  So we packed up the RV and left behind the 80 degree weather heading on to further adventures in Orlando.

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