Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Holidays

When I learned that my 3 boys and their ladies and my 3 grandchildren were all going to be under the same roof this Christmas, I knew that I had to be there, too.  So I let Craig move the bus from Cedar Key to West Palm Beach while I flew the back to Vermont.

During my visit I spent a couple of days working with schools and mingling with the local maker community at the Generator.   Got to show off our latest  eTextile learning with Leah Joly and Jill Dawson at the Generators Third Thursday social.

The rest of the time I got to spend with family, couch surfing at my Mom's,  my sisters, and my sons places gave me some really high quality time with people I love.  Simon and I tried to go ice-skating but a warm spelled closed the rink, so we settled on a fun dinner date at Mimmos. (where we learned a new way to keep kids entertained at a restaurant ~ cold bread dough )

Christmas Day,  the twins (Adam and Matthew) and their ladies (Guiliana and Molly) joined us for cooking, sharing food and music, at Ryan and Sarah's house.   Probably the only grandchild who really understood the gift giving tradition was Simon (the 9 year old), but Cedar (3) started to catch on by the end of the day.  Willow Rose (2 months)  was happy to spend time in the arms grandmas, aunts, and uncles.

A few days later,  my mom ~ Jeannine deLaBruere, hosted a gathering on the 9th floor of Cathedral Square for even more family.  A fantastic view of Lake Champlain, lots of food, music, and yes.. even more presents.

3 handsome sons and their lovely ladies with my 3 beautiful grandchildren

deLaBruere women (Mom and 4/5 of the deLaBruere sisters)

4 Generations of deLaBrueres

Simon gets a chef's outfit from Great Grandpa and Christine

Cedar loves hats

More music from Michael and Kelley

Even more music from Ryan and Shayne

Our host ~ Grandma Jeannine and her friend Judy

Hitched a ride to New York City with the Brooklyn crew and enjoyed more music and time with my sons Adam and Matthew,  their ladies Guiliana and Molly and honorary family member Brian Kilday.  I even got to Swing Dance with Matt in Adam's kitchen! So Fun.

Made it back to West Palm Beach on New Year's Eve  so that Craig and I could have some 'couple' holiday time and continue our tradition (from the past 4 years) of an early dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, people watching around City Place, and a movie (we saw Wild).

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