Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Drink More Wine!

We are finally NOT moving for a few weeks!  Hurray!  Although I made good use of the week long trek from New Jersey to Colorado, catching up on work while Craig drove  us westward.  
We traveled over 1700 miles in 6 days.

The passenger seat of the bus makes for a comfy office.  I was able to give my grad students lots of attention this week. This turned out to be timely since both online classes are entering project mode right now, with some students needing extra time to discuss their project ideas.  Craig was pretty proud of his network setup that made it possible for me to be video conferencing while we were traveling down the road!  I am thankful to have my own personal onsite tech support department wherever I happen to be working from.

In the afternoon I would start to check out possible places for us to pull over for the night.  It was my goal to use our Harvest Host membership more this year, and I was fortunate to find two wineries for us to stop at.  

The first was Knob Hall Winery in Maryland
Turns out they were closed for the day, but we were welcomed anyway with a quick wine tasting.  We picked up a bottle of Cabernet to add to our growing collection of wine!  We need to DRINK MORE WINE… I think!

We were told that we could park right in the driveway and exit (without unhitching)  our tow by following an exit road up ahead.  As we walked around looking for the exit road, all we could find was a field.  Walking through the field revealed a dirt road.  Craig concluded we might be able to PASS  if it doesn’t rain.  It rained!  So we didn’t take a chance and unhooked the jeep, turned around and headed out uneventfully in the morning.

The second was Wyldewood Cellars  right off I-70.  Actually it still had the appearance of an old gas station with the gas tanks barricaded with wooden planks and invitations to DRINK MORE WINE!

There were not many grapes in sight.  Turns out the ‘winery’  was really a ‘conveniently located’  distribution center right off I-70 -- go figure!  ;-)  They specialized in elderberry wine and gave us a variety to taste ranging from sweet Elderberry Mead to a dryer Cabernet/Elderberry reserve.  

We ended up walking away with two bottles - one as a gift for the  Mead-loving Warren and Allison who would soon be our host.  We enjoyed the second reserve bottle while we watched a lovely Kansas sunset.

Hotel Walmart provided us with a place for the rest of our overnights.  Not only do Walmart stops provide a convenient location for  restocking on groceries, they usually are near at least one restaurant.  We’ve decided that any long drive days warrants a break from the RV at suppertime.

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