Friday, August 8, 2014

Back in Vermont

As planned we returned to Vermont late April.  We checked into a campground in Brattleboro so that I could collaborate with Caleb Clark from Marlboro College  on a few project including an exhibit at the Vermont Science Conference, our upcoming Spring ed-tech conference (Dynamic Landscape) and a huge summer project - Create Make Learn Summer Institute.   We then moved the bus to Lake Morey Inn where for the Vermont Science Teachers Conference, then right on up to Mallet's Bay Campground where we had secured a seasonal site from May 1  to mid October.

Our goal was to reconnect with friends and family this summer as well as step up our work engagement.  BOY did we reconnect and re-engage.   I started with some much desired grand children time as I stepped right into the grandma role for a couple weeks.  I got to take Cedar on a couple days which turned out to be very special time for us.  But it was short lived, as by mid June I shifted into a very intense schedule of professional development for teachers including 6 Google Tools For Schools Summer Institute and a new venture - Create Make Learn Summer Institute.

One thing I discovered after 6 months of just Craig and I in the bus, is that I was going to need a little bit more space -- more play space for the grandchildren  and more office space for my work.  I started looking around to rent some office space, when an opportunity knocked.  A 40 foot camper with a beautiful spacious sunroom came up for sale and I immediately snagged it as it fit both my space needs.  The bus now has a sibling.  We parked the bus for the summer and transitioned into our Mallet's Bay summer space.

The summer has been filled with work, work, work,  and lots of opportunities to be with family and friends!  Yeah!  (more details later)

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